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The Orientation Programme – Staff
The orientation programme for staff is conducted before the commencement of classes every year. It helps the staff members to learn about various pedagogy to train MBA students.  
The students with different degrees such as Science, Maths, Commerce and the like join MBA programme. Hence to know more about the subjects of study and to get to know each others, the orientation programme is conducted before the commencement of the class.
Case Study
The case study method of teaching will pave way for the students to learn about real life business situations.
Industrial Visit
Industrial visits expose the students to the real life situations and derive a full measure of management skill.
Industrial Internship
It ensures students to relate their classroom theory concepts to industry through internship in various organisation as a part of curriculum.
Student to Student Learning
Each MBA student is responsible and a part of learning group that helps them to
  1. Engage in learning about industries through presentation.
  2. Encourage everyone in knowledge sharing process.
  3. Motivate and bring about their talents through frequent group discussion programmes among the students.
Mini Projects
Students are encouraged to undertake mini projects on various facets of management to enhance their skill in the preparation of Interview Schedule, Date collection and Processing and Drafting of reports.
The mini projects help them to solve simple business problems
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